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like a colorblind kid trying to solve a rubix cube

for truth, justice, and the American way.

5 May
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I write Naruto, Pokemon, Glee, and Hetalia fanfiction. I only post fanfiction on this journal, and I have no personal journal. I'm a fan of gen, BL/yaoi, het, and GL/yuri. I ship everything in my fandoms, even crossovers (as you can tell by my love for Volkner/Ino) and my favorite pairings are the strangest ones. Except for in the Pokemon fandom, where my OTP will forever be Lucas/Barry.

If you're curious about me, my name is Nicole. One of my favorite bands is The Maine, and I love life. I'm Christian. I live in rainy Washington. I laugh and talk a lot, and on my off time, I write. Sports are rad and I love staying in and getting out.